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Batch is a West-African Griot, a storyteller through his music and dance. His mother, grandmother, and those before them had been singers.

Singing Baye Fall chants is where Batch found his voice. Batch's songs are about life experiecens: about travel, immigration, places he has lived in and people he met and is grateful to. His songs also talk about feelings such as love and jealousy combined with life wisdom, teaching to be good to oneself, respect others, to listen, to trust and to have faith in life.

Batch sings his songs in the Senegalese language Wolof. However, language does not obstruct his music. The passion Batch

has can be heard in his soulful voice and understood by all.

Batch's energy as a dancer is as vibrant and colourful as the patchwork clothes of his BayeFall people. Like his music, his dance style is a collection of both traditional and modern African cultures, and his

combination of strong and fast movement promises to be a striking display.

Batches sincerity as a singer is equal to the energy he brings as a dancer, a man of many talents - You can trust that Batch will never fail to amaze!


  • In Senegal Batch ran his own dance company and performed for many famous Senegalese artists including Youssou N'Dour and Coumba Gawlo. In 2008 he won the Senegalese selection for the hit dance show "Afrika!Afrika" bringing him to Europe as professional dancer.

  • 2011 Batch turned to music discouraged to continue as a professional dancer due to a back injury.

  • 2012 Batch's song “M’Beugel” wins the World Music Network's Battle of the Bands competition. The track is also included on the collection album titled “The best African Music You’ve Never Heard”.

  • 2012 Batch releases his first EP with 4 songs.

  • 2012 Batch starts as lead singer for Fofoulah (ongoing).

  • 2014 Batch releases his first album Ndiarigne.

  • 2015 Batch features (vocals) in BBC Natural World Africa’s

fishing leopards, Music by William Goodchild and narrated by Dave Attenborough.

  • 2017 Batch releases his second album Xamle.


  • Batch Guey, Band manager, singer, songwriter, guitar

  • Ben WJ Woodward, Guitar

  • Dave Wallace, Bass guitar

  • Jan Jisa, Drum kit

  • Oumar Sagna, Djembe and vocals

  • Pricilla Andersohn, Vocal

  • Stefano Vandelli, Kora, n’goni and vocals

Batch Gueye Band makes for an amazing and energetic live performance! The band has played in various large events including the WOMAD festival in Malmesburg UK, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Houston Festival in the US; and Globalitica Festival in Warsaw, Poland to name a few.

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